We don’t know about you, but we are still hiding behind the sofa after Saturday’s Doctor Who episode Listen inDoctor Who what has to be the scariest episode since Asylum Of The Daleks. With echoes of Poltergeist and Aliens, we will be having nightmares about this one for a long time to come.

The episode opened with the Doctor sitting astride the Tardis, talking to himself, as he mused on everything from evolution to survival to everything in between.  Meanwhile Clara was on a disastrous date with Danny Pink, and these two plots intertwined with a trip to the end of the universe to meet Danny’s younger self and great-grandson. The Doctor’s home planet Gallifrey also made a rare appearance, as we discovered that our favourite Timelord is afraid of the dark.

In a new regular feature, our resident Whovian Paul Cornell shares with us his five favourite things about this week’s episode.

1: This was a story about the Doctor being wrong.  He sought to confront the great and powerful ‘other’ and found only the frightened child inside him.  (It reminds me of when screenwriter Aaron Sorkin puts one of his characters in therapy, or of how the central evil vanishes when understood in The Sixth Sense and The Others, also stories that feature a child standing up under a blanket, waiting to be revealed.)  In interrogating the character like that, and turning the most cliched version of the series inside out, this might be the best Doctor Who story ever.  Certainly, it’s a showpiece, central one.

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