Buying gifts is hard. Buying gifts for a geek is really hard. But it doesn’t have to be! Don’t settle for a polite ‘thanks’ followed by the inevitable discard: if you want to light up their faces with a present they’ll genuinely love simply follow this handy guide:

Dressing gownVintage Pendant Necklace, £16: because nothing says “I care in a cool way” like steampunk jewellery. Whether you want to pretend your special someone is in a Bioshock videogame or they simply appreciate the aesthetic of this enduring style, this will be a pleasant surprise for whomever receives it. Buy here.

Hobbit Letter Opener, £29: Who hasn’t occasionally fantasised that their mail is a blood thirsty orc? Make the dream a bit more real with awesome replica of Frodo’s “Sting” sword. Sadly it doesn’t like up when it detects bills, but we’re working on it. Buy it here

Jedi Dressing Gown, £34.99: At a great price and fabric that feels even better than the force, “these are the nightwears you’re looking for.” Lightsabers not included. Buy it here

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