The Temporal Void

Welcome back to The Temporal Void reread, and here we are for the seventh and final instalment! This week we’ll be returning to the Void and Makkathran with Justine Year 4 and Inigo’s Thirteenth Dream. For those of you that have read Pandora’s Star you should easily recognise the situation Justine finds herself in…

 Justine Year 4

 Justine awakes in the Silverbird as the ship is decelerating into the system she spotted before going into suspension. However, something is different: there’s an H-congruous planet now there. While this could never happen in the outside universe it does show the power of the Void and just what it is capable of. The Silverbird’s systems are degrading rapidly, but luckily not badly enough to stop its descent into the atmosphere. And that’s when she sees what the planet holds:

Shock set in as she focused the cameras on the astonishingly familiar profile of the three volcanoes. “You have got to be fucking kidding me,” she said out loud.

The Silverbird was approaching nearly perfect replicas of Far Away’s Grand Triad at Mach thirty. She fought to quash her surprise. It can happen. Here in the Void, it can happen.

And as she comes into land she senses another mind, one from a person that died over a thousand years ago: Kazimir McFoster. That’s what happens when the Void takes dreams and turns them into reality…

 As she meets and talks to him, she tries to explain what has happened, but he doesn’t seem to grasp it all. And the more they talk, the more Justine realises that he is taken from her memory, and he doesn’t know and can’t explain many things prior to that day. She shows him inside the Silverbird and samples his DNA, showing that he is a real person, but one that the Void created.

“Your DNA is …” Real? Proper? Fully human? “Okay,” she concluded. And how did the Void pull that stunt?

“I’m glad,” he said

But he isn’t the real Kazimir McFoster, DNA markers not showing any similarity that should be there. The Void, again. Kazimir asks why she doesn’t want to be there with him:

“It’s enjoyable,” she told him. “But it’s not why I’m here.” His face was so crestfallen, she immediately felt guilty. “Kazimir, I apologize, but there is an awful lot at stake, more than I expect you to believe. I have to do whatever I can to help.”

And with that Kazimir goes to keep watch outside.

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