The Temporal Void

Welcome back to The Temporal Void reread, part the second! This week we’ll be reading Chapter Two and Inigo’s Ninth Dream, both of which are longer than last time, so we better get going…

 Chapter Two

The worst thing was just sitting around doing nothing. Actually, no; it’s not knowing what to do.

And it’s here we join Araminta, holed up in her apartment with the Ellezelin forces all across Colwyn City. She’s catching up on the news relating to the Void expansion and feeling tremendous weight on her shoulders.

It’s too much. No one person can expect to deal with all of this. I can’t have put the entire galaxy in peril. I can’t.

Gore Burnelli shotguns the entire unisphere, sending his message to the Second Dreamer – Araminta – in hopes that it reaches her. He warns her of the people trying to apprehend her, and asks but one question: contact the Skylord and ask it to allow Justine to enter the Void.

Maybe this Justine woman can do something. Maybe it’s not all up to me, after all.

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