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Bella Pagan


Bella Pagan


Senior commissioning editor: working on out-of-this world SF, fantasy and urban fantasy (plus other subdivisions, factions and associated areas) for Tor UK. On twitter as @BellaPagan.

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27 Feb 2013



Kitchies Award poster 2012 by Sarah Anne LangtonLast night, we were delighted to attend the fabulous Kitschies Awards, now in their fourth year. As usual the shortlists were interesting and informed and a great night was had by all — helped by that very fine Kraken rum of course ;) And you can see photos from the evening below. We were particularly delighted that author Frances Hardinge was shortlisted for the Red Tentacle: Best Novel category with her wonderful A Face Like Glass! And those great winning choices for 2012 were of course:

Winner of the Red Tentacle (Best Novel):
- Nick Harkaway’s Angelmaker (William Heinemann)
Winner of the Golden Tentacle (Best Debut):
- Karen Lord’s Redemption in Indigo (Jo Fletcher Books)
Winner of the Inky Tentacle (Best Cover art):
- Dave Shelton for his own A Boy and a Bear in a Boat
(David Fickling Books)
Winner of the Black Tentacle (Special Award):
The World SF Blog – the editorial team including A Face Like Glass by Frances HardingeLavie Tidhar, Charles Tan and Sarah Newton.

And the full 2012 shortlists in each category can be found here.
- Red Tentacle shortlist
- Golden Tentacle shortlist
- Inky Tentacle shortlist

Jared Shurin and Anne Perry, the Award Directors, had these additional announcements at last night’s event: ‘The goal of The Kitschies is to encourage and elevate the tone of the conversation around genre literature and geek culture. Which is a rather pretentious way of saying that we don’t just want to push good books – we want to create more opportunities for people to talk about them. Er. Goodly. We’re not trying to pick the ‘best’ science fiction or even the ‘right’ book, but instead to celebrate those authors who are pushing themselves – and literature in general – to produce intelligent and progressive books while still staying true to genre fiction’s long tradition of providing great entertainment.

Kraken Rum - 2012This year’s winners are a great example: they’re books that can be shelved anywhere in a bookshop, beg to be picked up, are a delight to read and spur amazing conversation. We’re really looking forward to our fifth year and the opportunity to spread tentacular cheer (and rum) to Brixton, Bristol and beyond!  Also, starting this year, we’re now open to digital-only submissions. Apparently these ‘ebook’ things are here to stay. Who knew?’

Exciting stuff there from the Kitschies collective! And the events they refer to will be one one at the Brixton Ritzy with Warren Ellis, Lauren Beukes & Ben Percy; the other at the Bristol Festival of Literature. So even more genreness (?!) to look forward to from the Kitschies team in the future. And here are some photos from the night:

Nick Harkaway (winner of the Red Tentacle Best Novel award) and Lauren O'Farrell aka Deadly Knitshade.jpegFrances Hardinge, shortlisted for the Red Tentacle (Best Novel) Award

Packed theatre at the Kitschies Awards

        Anne Perry, Jared Shurin, Frances Hardinge

Kraken rum

Packed Kitschies theatre at the Free Word Centre

Lavie Tidhar picking up his Black Tentacle Award on behalf of the SFWorld blog team. Glen Mehn and Chloe Healy on left and right.

Anne Perry and Jared Shurin

Kitchies' SF and Social Change event: China Miéville, Patrick Ness, Lauren Beaukes, Anne Perry

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  1. February 27, 2013 at 11:35 am Liz says:

    It was just such a fab event – Jared and Anne are my heroes. They pull events off with ease and keep it informal and fun for everyone – natural charmers. I think everyone had a great time and wasn’t only due to the rum either. I’ve only just recovered the use of my arms.

  2. February 28, 2013 at 6:25 am Jamie Gibbs says:

    Sounds like it was a blast! I need to take a look at some of the more progressive genre books (the furthest I’ve gone is China Mieville’s Kraken, which was really good).